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HSK Lucerne English School

Improve children`s English literacy skills with our classes for native and non-native English speakers

We provide classes for primary and secondary school children (ages 4-14). We also offer online online private and group lessons for secondary school students.

Native English Speakers

Our Native English classes, aligned with the UK curriculum, empower children to reach their inherent language capabilities, foster cultural connections, and provide a safety net back to English-speaking countries.


English as a Second Language

Our ESL classes give non-native children a head start in English, enabling consistent advancement and maintaining superior proficiency compared to local school offerings.

Teaching Method

Our unique and engaging classes help children master essential English skills, going far beyond what local public schools offer.

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Stealth Learning
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Tailored Teaching
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Welcoming Hub
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Mixed Aged Classes
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Community Spirit


 The Education Department of Lucerne (Volksschule Luzern)

HSK Lucerne English School is the only private English institution in Canton Lucerne privileged with accreditation from the Education Department of Lucerne, making us truly unique!


This exclusive accreditation guarantees your child's achievement of a prestigous European-recognised qualification, seamlessly aligned with the UK's national curriculum, and documentation of their exceptional English language proficiency.

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“Our children not only get an opportunity to advance their English, but be part of a community where they can relax in their mother tongue. It is the perfect accompaniment to attendance at local school. It is ,more often than not, the highlight of my children’s week! Joanna and her team provide a fun and refreshing atmosphere for the children to learn in.” 


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Members of the Lili Centre get a discount on group classes.

Our classes are located at the LiLi Centre in Lucerne. The Lili Centre is a community centre for international residents and locals in Lucerne.


About us

Founded the school in 2016

Allow us to introduce Joanna, co-founder of our school, who brings over two decades of teaching expertise, specialising in guiding the growth of children aged 4 to 14. Originally from Scotland, she has now embraced her identity as a proud Swiss citizen.

At HSK English Language School, children embark on an exhilarating 90-minute journey into the captivating world of English, guided by her expert tutelage. Here, we kindle a profound and enduring passion for the language, its rich culture, and the vibrant community it nurtures.

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"Our classes are specifically designed to engage pupils and allow them to have fun, as we believe that children who have fun, are motivated to learn.  A variety of teaching methods are applied across all our classes and levels to provide every child an environment to learn that fits their individual requirements."
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Curious about our classes?

Join Joanna at HSK English Language School, with her boundless enthusiasm for teaching and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on your child's life.

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