Are you a native English speaker with a child at home who has also learned English as a first language? They can now improve their language skills at the HSK English Language School for children, an officially recognised program by the canton Luzern's Heimatliche Sprach und Kultur (HSK) department. 


The goal behind this program is to help children master core English skills and elevate their English education beyond what is currently offered in local public schools. Such skills not only help with learning German at school, but also help children establish their own identity, prepare them for contact with relatives and help with a possible return to English-speaking culture in later years.


The program is open to English-speaking children ages 4-11. Kids will learn reading, writing, spelling, history, culture, literature and grammar and follows the HSK curriculum on certain other topics and will be taught from tutors fluent in the English language. The curriculum, designed by certified English instructor Joanna Christen-Glennie, is based on the Nelson English Skills Courses from Oxford University Press.

  • The classes are offered in 10 or 12 week semesters (in line with public school schedules) 

  • 7 - 8 year old - Wednesdays 13:30 - 15:30

  • 9 - 12 year old - Wednesdays 15:30 - 1700

  • 4-6 year old- Tuesdays 15.45-17.15 or Thursdays  - 15.30-17.00 

  • Class size ranges from 5 to 12 children.

All pupils will be assessed on their skills and given a grade and report on their performance. From primary 3, it will appear as an extra subject on their public school report. 


Joanna Christen-Glennie: MEET THE TEACHER 

Native English speaker from Scotland. Head teacher and co-founder of the HSK English Language School. Currently teaching at the school. Gained vast experience in teaching English in Switzerland over the last 15 years including teaching children from the ages of 4-11, in groups and also individually. Has been certified by Canton Luzern`s Heimatliche Sprache und Kultur (HSK) department.