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Nurturing Children's English Language

Where Learning Inspires and Language Skills Reach New Heights!

Are you a native English speaker with a child at home who has also learned English as a first language or a child who possesses a strong command of the language? They can now improve their language skills at the HSK English Language School


The purpose of this program is to assist children in mastering essential English skills, enhancing their English education, and reinforcing their literacy through unique and engaging classes that go beyond the offerings available in local public schools.

What sets us apart? We are the only private English school accredited by the Education Department at Canton Lucerne (Canton Luzerne's Heimatliche Sprach und Kultur (HSK) department), making us truly unique!

Please keep in mind that our classes are exclusively conducted in English, requiring non-native English speakers to have a firm grasp of the language.

Here's what makes HSK special, and why enrolling your child in our program is a fantastic way to keep their English skills fresh and thriving. 

Why Native English-Speaking Kids Thrive at HSK Lucerne English School

At HSK, we don't just teach English; we ignite a lifelong love for language! For native English-speaking children, HSK goes beyond language skills. It's a place where their strong English foundation becomes a launching pad for mastering languages. Imagine your child immersed in English, not just maintaining but supercharging their language abilities. It's a gateway to fluency while embracing their unique identity.

HSK is more than a school; it's a community of connections. Your child, whether a foreign local or expat, bonds with peers who share language and culture. Beyond the classroom, friendships flourish, experiences are shared, and a profound sense of belonging takes root.

And it's not just your child who benefits; you do too. HSK welcomes parents into a supportive network. We connect, exchange insights, and build a web of encouragement that extends beyond school. HSK isn't just a school; it's a family away from home. Join us on this extraordinary journey!

Elevate Your Child's English Skills: Discover English as a Second Language 

At HSK, we're committed to nurturing your child's English skills. Our classes are tailored to various age groups, ensuring that children can continue to advance their English proficiency.

English, as the universal global language, plays a vital role in our multicultural city of Lucerne. It's not just about helping non-native children here; it's about preparing them for a world of opportunities. Beyond mere language fluency, English proficiency fosters cognitive growth, problem-solving abilities, and self-confidence. It's an essential skill that equips your child for success, wherever their journey may take them.


Welcome to our specially crafted program designed for English-speaking children aged 4-14. We're here to be the extra support your child needs, especially if they're eager for a more enriching English education than what their local school can provide.

Our classes are not just educational; they're a delightful adventure that covers a wide array of subjects, including phonics, reading, writing, history, culture, literature, and grammar, alongside crucial HSK curriculum topics. With our team of highly skilled English-proficient tutors and a curriculum thoughtfully created by certified instructor Joanna Christen-Glennie, we blend the magic of Jolly Phonics with the esteemed Oxford University Press' Nelson English Skills Courses to craft an empowering learning experience.

But here's our little secret: we firmly believe that learning should be enjoyable! Our classes are expertly designed to maximize engagement. We've adopted "stealth teaching" techniques to ensure that learning is diverse and fun. Our sessions include book-based learning, interactive games, and hands-on experiments.

We recognize that every child is a unique individual, and our customised teaching methods cater to their individual learning needs. Whether they thrive on independent learning, enjoy group collaboration, or prefer whole-class instruction, we've got it all covered. For our advanced students, there are exciting projects and presentations that will further enhance their skills.

In our mixed-age classrooms, we encourage cross-generational learning, which not only facilitates academic progress but also fosters lifelong friendships. It's a diverse and inclusive community where your child can truly shine.

Twice a year, commencing at age 7, we assess students in line with the guidelines provided by Lucerne's Education Department. These evaluations are featured as a separate segment within local school reports, labeled "HSK English," providing evidence of your child's outstanding English language skills. 

Our classes run in 10- to 12-week semesters, aligning seamlessly with public school schedules. We prioritize small class sizes, typically accommodating 5 to 12 children, to create a supportive and engaging learning environment.

Located at the Lili Centre, our classes are exceptionally convenient for families. This local hub is a favorite among expats, centrally positioned just a short walk from the station and with easy access to buses. What's even better, there's direct parking available right in front of the Centre, ensuring a hassle-free experience. As an added benefit, Lili Centre members can enjoy an exclusive 10% discount, making our classes not only accessible but also family-friendly.

We've created a safe space where your child can truly thrive and enjoy the journey of learning. We invite you to join us on this exciting adventure, providing your child with the English education they genuinely deserve.


Beyond our group courses, we exclusively offer online learning tailored for secondary school students, creating an engaging and personalised educational experience. Our Saturday classes run from 10:00 to 10:45, and we appreciate that every student is unique, so we remain flexible to meet their specific needs.

Whether your child is preparing for GCSEs or requires assistance at other academic levels, our expertise is here to ensure their success. Our student-centered approach features interactive elements like Kahoot games, making learning both enjoyable and effective. Our diverse curriculum spans activities, from book reviews to character profiles, ensuring your child's education is comprehensive and enriching.

Our unwavering commitment is to provide personalized lessons, allowing each student to unlock their full potential. We firmly believe that learning should be an enjoyable journey where students can progress at their own pace. Additionally, we offer valuable support for school assignments and tests, smoothing your child's educational path. 


Joanna Christen-Glennie: MEET THE TEACHER :

Meet Joanna, our dedicated educator with two decades of teaching experience and a heartwarming connection to HSK English Language School. Hailing from Scotland, she's a proud Swiss citizen who co-founded our school in 2016 to create a special place for children to learn English. Joanna's teaching journey in Switzerland spans 19 wonderful years, during which she's worked with children aged 4 to 14, both in group settings and one-on-one.

 Joanna's journey began when she noticed that expat kids attending local schools weren't getting the English support they needed. She wanted to provide a warm and nurturing environment where children can thrive and learn.

In Joanna's class, your child will experience 90 minutes of pure magic in the world of English. It's a safe haven where kids can relax, be themselves, and discover the joy of learning. She loves seeing her students grow in confidence and knowledge and enjoys every moment she spends with them. Teaching isn't just a job for Joanna; it's a passion.

What makes Joanna unique is her ability to turn every challenge into an opportunity. She learns from her students just as they learn from her. Her teaching style is adaptable, ensuring she connects with each child on a personal level. The "Ah-ha!" moments, as she calls them, are what inspire her most.

Education goes beyond textbooks; it's about building trust and supporting your child's life journey. Joanna has had the privilege of watching children grow from the tender age of 4 to the exciting age of 15. She becomes a constant, guiding presence in their lives and getting to know the families is just a part of the joy.

HSK English Language School isn't just a school; it's a family, and Joanna is proud to be a part of it. Her journey started with nine children and has now grown to a family of 40. It's a privilege, an honor, and a whole lot of fun. Joanna is extremely passionate about teaching and feels lucky to make a positive impact on your child's life.

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