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“Our children not only get an opportunity to advance their English, but be part of a community where they can relax in their mother tongue. It is the perfect accompaniment to attendance at local school. It is most often than not, the highlight of my children’s week! Joanna and her team provide a fun and refreshing atmosphere for the children to learn in.” - Hayley



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“.The girls enjoy classes immensely - Joanna has an amazing knack for 'stealth teaching' through activities, games and fun - and the girls love going! They have come on leaps and bounds with their English reading and writing, as well as gaining broader cultural context - and finally realising that ' Eng-lisch' is not just something odd Mummy subjects them to at home!”

Meet Joanna

Founded the school in 2016

Joanna is a native English speak, originally from Scotland. With over 19 years experience teaching English she provides an invaluable opportunity for children to learn English in Lucerne.

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"Our classes are specifically designed to engage pupils and allow them to have fun, as we believe that children who have fun, are motivated to learn.  A variety of teaching methods are applied across all our classes and levels to provide every child an environment to learn that fits their individual requirements."
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A Level to suit every child

We can very simply assess your childs level and place your child in exactly the right class for them.

Level 1

Average age:
4-6 yrs old



Tuesday or Thursday (15.45-17.15)


Example of topics:
Phonics activity books and games, cultural and seasonal topics, arts & crafts, experiments and outside activities

Level 2

Average age:
7-9 yrs old



Wednesdays (13.30-15.00) or Thursday (15.45-17.15)


Example of topics :
Core skills with work books, Cultural topics, myths & legends, English Literature, nature and outside activities

Level 3

Average age:
10-14 yrs old



Wednesdays (15.30-17.00)


Example of topics:
Core skills with higher level work books, cultural and seasonal topics, politics, literature, history and nature topics


Online lessons for Secondary School level

Timetabled as requested.


Curious about our classes?

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These classes give the children an opportunity to have a head start in English before they start school, and they can continue to advance as we offer several classes for different age groups.

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